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An Ode to 1st Course

We are the Children of NDA, By Commander R N Gulati


In Jan 49 joined the two hundred,
In Clement Town , all their khakis laundered,
Eventually in other colours too,
Like white and blue,
We are the children of NDA.

We dug many a flower bed,
We trod on newly made quarter deck,
We shined our boots light,
We scrubbed our faces bright,
We are the children of NDA.

They drilled us till our legs were blue,
They schooled us till our eyes became red in hue,
They patti-paraded us till our limbs ached,
They molded us again and again till we were made,
We are the children of NDA.

To Kashmir in summer we went,
To Minicoy in slumber we were sent,
To wings you take, said the boss,
During the break it was,
We are the children of NDA.

We did many naughty things,
Smoked, missed classes, shamming, and had other flings,
Went to areas out of bounds,
Some time we acted as clowns,
We are the children of NDA.

They said JSW was our name,
Changed to AFA, they said it was same,
To give it yet another name,
Was it a game?
Yes, NDA it finally became,
We are the children of NDA.

Professionally we were very sound,
Again and again we did NDA and the Nation proud,
In games and sports the first position we often found,
All have said, the finest was the First course,
Humbly we should accept this verdict of course,
We are the children of NDA.

We did long stints in forces,
In the Army, Navy and Air Forces,
Became Generals, Admirals and Air Marshalls,
Fought bravely in many wars,
Till our chests were full with medals, stars and bars,
We are the children of NDA.

Now that our hair has greyed,
Hearing faded, eyes dimmed and collars frayed,
We look out for new buds,
Green bushes and fresh bloods,
To carry on the tradition,
Of ‘Alma mater' in all situation,
We are the children of NDA.

Here's to you Putsy, Didar, Chops and Harry,
Here's to you Vijay, Dovedy, Ravi and Garry,
Here's to you Tich, Nimmi, Ramu and Roddy,
Here's to the rest of the unnamed majority,
We are the children of NDA.

Here's to the ladies behind all these men,
Here's to those who are in bloomin' Heaven,
Here's to all who taught, guided and us disciplined,
Here's to NDA and generations to come,
We clink our glasses and raise a toast,
It is not an empty boast,
We are the children of NDA,
Long live the NDA.

 Copyright 2016 National Defence Academy All rights reserved.