Vision and Mission


Defining New Paradigms

A Hockey match in progress
     Training at the NDA will continue to provide academic and technological training of the highest quality in order to equip cadets with appropriate qualifications as a foundation for their service careers. Future wars will be driven by technology. To ensure that the Cadet passing out from NDA has the mind of a visionary and the quest of a researcher, the training focuses on the knowledge domain.



A Boxing match in progress

     To carry out focused training in order to prepare cadets to achieve requisite physical endurance standards and proficiency in troop games, we have the best infrastructure and coaching facilities. Synthetic surface hockey field, hybrid turf football fields, synthetic basketball and tennis courts, modern gymnasium, olympic-size swimming pools and a riding arena provide a multitude of opportunities to young cadets. The infrastructure is constantly upgraded to keep pace with the advent of new training facilities. Above all the will “to win, to fight, even when the chips are down and to make defeat a stepping stone for success” is inculcated in the psyche of each cadet.

Learning Nuances of the Global Language

In sync with the changing times ...
the English language lab.

     NDA incorporates a culture of jointmanship in training and promotes a spirit of jointmanship in thought, word and deed. Jointmanship will form the bedrock of future operations as no single service can decisively win a war on its own. NDA, the cradle of military leadership, provides that very foundation of jointmanship and interoperability which is the key enablers in securing the nation. NDA presents a model of jointmanship in training that is studied and emulated the world over. Bonds of camaraderie, understanding of the capabilities, functioning and ethos of the three services at the pre-commission training stage pave the way for integrated defence services, which think and act in unison. We conduct high quality service training to enable cadets to have a substantial edge over their counterparts in their service careers. The curriculum at NDA has been revised by an Inter Services Study Group which has emphasised the focus on Service Training. A new Baffle Range for small arms firing, additional Super Dimona Trainer Aircraft, an increased runway length, additional hangars, Electronic Chart Display Information Systems, Laser and 29 ER Class Boats are some of the acquisitions which are planned for to take service training to greater heights. The use of simulators is rapidly increasing; we plan to constantly upgrade and enhance our simulators to achieve better and more realistic training. The existing Drona simulator for firing is already being upgraded to Drona-11 simulator. Honing the skills of cadets to articulate their thoughts coherently, concisely and clearly, both in speech and writing, is a key focus area. Ante-room in each Sqn has been developed as a virtual English language learning laboratory. This is in addition to the modern Language Laboratory functional in the Sudan Block. In addition to the age-old Bhawani Shankar Memorial Debate, Inter Squadron Public Speaking Competition has been introduced.

Information Technology - A Road Map

Honing new skills

     With the advent in technology, especially in the field of Information Technology (IT), the effect of computers, associated networks and software in the global scenario, it is imperative for the defence forces, including the training academies, to enhance their IT capabilities to accrue maximum benefits in order to give an insight to the cadets on Network Centric Warfare (NCW). It is thus an inescapable requirement for us at NDA to upgrade our existing infrastructure to state of the art IT equipment in consonance with the requirements of tactical C4I. This is to enhance our training capabilities and to provide an exposure to cadets for Next Generation Networks (NGNs). Keeping the above in perspective, an IT roadmap has been worked out covering various aspects of training and administration in detail.

Honing New Skills

     The projects are divided into three “five year blocks”. These blocks have been worked out keeping in mind the infrastructure required to meet training requirements in the Academy. The focus initially will is to replace the obsolete IT equipment and network the entire Academy followed by establishment of security solutions, finally graduating to procurement of simulators for various training teams and establishment of state-of-the-art Military Decision Making Process laboratory, Artificial Intelligence and Nano technology laboratories.

Seamless Connectivity

     The project of networking the Academy encompasses provisioning of Optical Fibre connectivity throughout. The network is complemented by state-of-the-art servers and high-end Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) equipment being housed in the Data Centre which is capable of handling very high bandwidth requirements at fast speeds. The network is exploited to its optimal capacity and the same is extended down to each cadet's cabin. In similar fashion procurement of Thin Clients for each cadet has enabled them to stay connected throughout the day, in the classroom or in his cabin. Last mile connectivity down to each individual cabin of every cadet, in addition to the classrooms and training teams has already been provided. 33 km’s of OFC cable has been laid. The data centre with 13 high end Servers and 25.5 Tera Bytes of memory lies at the heart of this networking.

Upgrading for a Better Tomorrow

     The existing IT infrastructure including the equipment in various Lecture Halls / Classrooms is being upgraded with the latest technology. The upgradation will include procurement of latest projection systems, establishment of Video conferencing set up authorities hierarchy wise. Video Streaming of all important visits and events will be carried out in every cadet's cabin. The concept of Telepresence will be incorporated between Commandant's office and Battalion commanders. In order to hone up the professional skills of the cadets, high quality simulators are procured for all three services as well as for the Joint Training Team in order to to give the cadets an exposure to NCW. The upgradation will also focus on procurement of Geographical Information System (GIS) based navigation and tracking systems, establishment of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics laboratory supported by Neural Networks. In order to provide an opportunity to cadets to learn about the surveillance elements being employed in various facets of war, Nano Technology laboratories will be established covering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) simulation, Sensor to Shooter Grid and training on Fire Control Systems.

Automation - "The Key to Success"

Embracing the IT Revolution

     The thrust on automation of various branches of the Academy is an important facet in the development of the Academy. An all out effort would be made on achieving paperless office working environment, establishment of E-learning laboratories, creation of virtual classrooms, thereby ensuring interactive sessions between cadets and instructors at all times.

     Online Examination System, real-time monitoring of cadets performance in all spheres of training and automated centralized training monitoring system to evaluate the competence being achieved by cadets are some of the aims we plan to achieve in the next few years.

The Thinking Soldier

     The focus on technology and higher academic pursuits will in no way be at the cost of outdoor training and personality development.





Best Foot Forward

     Indeed, the cadet today will have to attain higher standards of fitness to function effectively under prolonged conditions of stress brought on due to the complexities of modern warfare. The impetus on outdoor training will remain undiminished with better and more scientific aids to increase the physical capabilities.

Sudan Block Shines at Night


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